Are you keen to give the walls of your home a makeover? Even if you’ve already made your mind up about it, you might find it tricky to decide whether to paint or wallpaper.

You don’t necessarily have to do the painting or wallpapering yourself in Wellington. As you may have noticed from a glance at our website, we can send residential painters to projects in Wellington. Plus, we’re experienced at hanging wallpaper in homes all across the region.

Whether you should opt for paint or wallpaper can depend less on the technical quality of the work (we already have you covered there — no pun intended) and more on the following factors…


Wallpaper comes in many elaborate, artistic designs. It can be a conversation starter among visitors to your home. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or contemporary style, there’s a wallpaper option to match.

Painting is often associated with creativity, and you can achieve enchanting results by mixing different colours. However, this can extend the time needed to complete the work — a point which leads us nicely to…

Ease of Installation

It’s easy to see painting as the top choice in this category — and in many aspects, it is. For a start, a new coat of paint can be layered straight across an already-painted surface. Alternatively, existing wallpaper needs to be carefully removed before new wallpaper can be hung in its place.

Failing to prepare and prime a wall before adding wallpaper to it is a recipe for a sloppy finish with air bubbles and peeling edges.


Painting carries a lower upfront price than wallpapering, but you need to factor in the long-term value of the work, too.

Provided that wallpaper is professionally installed, you can preserve its condition for at least 15 years easily. In contrast, a painted surface can be prone to chipping.

The longevity can depend on many variables — including your efforts to prevent damage to the finish.

We would be happy to send residential painters to Wellington kitchens and bathrooms, where moisture could make painting a more suitable option. However, we can also give other living spaces a classy touch by adding wallpaper. It’s quick and easy to enquire with us by ringing 0800 DECOR8.

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