Paint stripper is a chemical product with the purpose of removing paint, finishes, and coatings, while also cleaning the surface underneath. With this in mind, paint stripping is the method of using chemicals without heat to remove paint from a surface without damaging the substrate underneath. The chemicals in the strippers tend to make the paint bubble and soften, which then makes the paint easy to scrape away. If lead is present in the paint or the base coat, this is particularly useful as the clumps of paint that are removed are easier to contain and capture safely, without creating lead dust from sanding. All paint debris can be safely collected and disposed of without any contamination, therefore providing a safe environment for families, pets and gardens.

The process of paint stripping can be quite labour-intensive as well as time-consuming, which is why you should seek assistance from professionals in the paint sector to carry out your exterior paint stripping needs.

How does exterior paint stripping work?

Exterior paint stripping tends to be carried out because the paint system has failed, and the existing paint can’t simply be painted over. Removing old paint gives your property a fresh start so that you can achieve a more even new coat of paint on the building. Applying a new paint system also means the base coats and subsequent coats work in conjunction as they are designed to do.

Your professional paint stripper will strip the paint back to bare timber for a clean start, before preparing and repainting the surface. After the paint has been removed the surface will need to be cleaned thoroughly by your professional, to remove dust, chalky build-up, dirt and chemical residue. This process ensures the longevity of the paint system and a long-lasting paint job, meaning that the building will be well protected.

Here at Paradise Painting Services, we offer paint stripping services, which are recommended for cracking paint and flaking paint and any paint where the adhesion of the paint is failing. We service residential and commercial clients, providing interior and exterior painting, decorating, plastering and wallpapering in the Wellington area.

Our 19+ year history of serving well over 1,000 clients combined with our large team equips us to handle every job. We strive toward always offering our distinguished workmanship, reliability and professionalism.

Please give us a call to arrange to get a quote for your painting project in Wellington. We will send you a quote for the work usually within two working days. Get in touch with us today.

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