The concept of Spring cleaning has existed through many cultures since ancient times, and Kiwis are no different.

The ravages of Winter certainly take their toll on all our properties and gardens, and as we start to head towards Spring, it is a great time to get pro-active.

The high winds of Wellington will be re-enforced during the Spring equinox towards the end of September. This can cause various problems including blocked gutters, and impact damage to windows and weather-boards from flying debris.

There is also the Winter growth of moss, mould and lichen to consider on dwellings and roofs, as well as slippery pathways and decks.

We are here to help to remedy all these potential problems, from moss and mould eradication, to water-blasting, re-glazing and fixing of any cracked or dislodged weatherboards by our multi-skilled team.

Another area you may wish to consider, is the placement of shrubs around your property.

Place new plants with enough space for the house to “breathe” – also enough room for tradesmen to be able to carry out maintenance, place scaffold etc, without trampling on your expensive shrubs.

All in all, a great time to plan ahead, and fix things up, so you are ready to enjoy the upcoming outdoor seasons.

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