Respect for the Client and Site

Almost all of our projects are based in the residential sector.

Therefore, we are constantly invited into people’s homes, and with this come several responsibilities, that our team adhere to.

Respect for people’s homes and privacy is paramount. We can work around you for start-times etc that fit with your families dynamics.

Security is something we take very seriously and we are often the custodians of keys and alarm codes.

We take great care to cover  carpets, furnishings and electronics with drop-sheets and polythene. Cleaning as we go along, as well as at the completion of the job, ensures that the home is left as pristine as possible.

Our well established team is friendly, reliable and helpful. We get compliments from almost every job saying how nice the guys have been to have around.

We pride ourselves on our communication and provide a comprehensive quote. We will point out if anything extra needs to be done and advise how to solve any issues.

Once on a job we stick there until completion.