Asbestos is an extremely volatile substance, and the regulations regarding the handling of asbestos vary wildly between countries. In New Zealand, regulations are particularly stringent. The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations of 2016 are a particular example of this – outlined here – and seem to point to a general consensus that plastering over asbestos is possible, but very rarely recommended.

We at Paradise Painting Services explain all, below.

The encapsulation of asbestos, explained

The encapsulation of asbestos – which plastering over it would be – is a well-known process in the industry.

It involves covering asbestos fibers with a protective coating to prevent their release into the air. Encapsulation reduces the risk of exposure and is often the preferred solution as opposed to expensive and time-consuming asbestos removal, but there is always the risk of the plaster flaking at a later date. This would expose the asbestos fibers to the air, and the plasterers wellington must be impervious; such work requires the aid of an expert technician, or plasterer well-versed in these complicated projects.

An experienced plasterer can provide a long-lasting finish to keep your property safe and liveable.

So, is plastering over asbestos a good idea?

Well, for some properties, yes! Plastering over asbestos may depend on how much is found in your home, and whereabouts it is. It’s more likely for a professional to plaster over a textured ceiling or a partition wall than gutters and downpipes laden with asbestos, for example.

Plastering over asbestos works because the material applied soaks through to the asbestos-based material and hardens, which prevents the release of loose asbestos fibers. Always consult with a professional before choosing encapsulation for your home – their advice is invaluable.

What will happen to asbestos-based materials in the future?

The future of asbestos in New Zealand is set to be non-existent, although it still lingers in many New Zealand homes – either unnoticed or plastered over. Asbestos-based building materials are being phased out of most projects, although the untold health issues that linger from exposure, even if exposed decades ago, continue to persist. The most common rule of thumb is that, if your home or business predates 2000, there will be asbestos in there somewhere! Testing for asbestos when purchasing an older property is essential and allows professionals to remove or encapsulate as much as possible.

For plasterers in Wellington that you can trust to handle the most complex projects, look to Paradise Painting Services. From repairing small areas of chipping plaster to renovating your entire home or commercial building, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at your earliest convenience.

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