Small spaces generally feel as though they are more difficult to decorate because there is less space to work with, making the space sometimes feel more cluttered. Despite this, you can transform your small space using wallpaper to create an inviting and cosy room, with the right approach.

Wallpapering in Wellington does not have to cramp and clutter up your small space further; it can do the opposite by adding depth and interest to the walls of the room. So, how do you achieve this?

Create A Focal Point 

First, consider creating a focal point for the room which can grab the attention of the eye. To do this you could opt for a bold and patterned wallpaper, or perhaps a vibrant colour to feature on just one of the room’s walls. This will become the focal point of the space, which creates a distraction from the small size of the room. Not only can this work in homes, but it can also work in professional settings as much where your office, retail space or salon might be on the smaller side.

Make Use of Dimension & Texture 

In smaller spaces, it can be useful to create the illusion of dimension and texture. Wallpapering can assist you in achieving this by adding texture and visual appeal to the walls. Try opting for wallpaper with a subtle pattern because this will provide depth to your walls without overwhelming the room.

Bear in mind that if you wish to make the space feel taller then you could opt for a vertical pattern. By the same token, if you wish to make the space feel wider you could opt for a horizontal pattern. For the best results when wallpapering you should seek expert help to install the wallpaper. By choosing the right design and having a professional installation, wallpaper will provide depth and aesthetic appeal to the room, as well as create the illusion of a bigger room.

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