The majority of current interior colour schemes are typically based on a range of light neutral colours.

Lighter colours enhance the feeling of space and flow, offering a neutral palette to display artworks and furnishings.

A feature wall can add an extra dimension to a room and can be used to make a bold statement.

Here is the opportunity to introduce more bold or striking colours or textures.

Alternatively, softer pastel coloured feature walls can be just as effective to create tranquillity.

Back in the 90s the most popular feature walls were often bright red.

Tastes and fashions change, and recent years have seen feature walls incorporating wallpaper become much more in vogue.

A patterned wallpaper can add texture, movement and bright colours to either contrast with or tie-in with colours echoed in soft furnishings.

Trends and fashions also move in cycles.

Retro styles being borrowed from bygone eras with a modern twist put on them.

Chromes and silvers alongside 1960s Paisley patterns, and geometrics.

Watch out for handmade textures such as rag-rolling- a technique that imitates wallpaper by ragging one colour over another, even using metallic paints, to create a unique random pattern- very bespoke!

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