In other words, how long does paint last on a house? Generally, a house’s exterior should be repainted every eight to ten years but might need repainting more often if it is:

You should inspect your home’s exterior paint for signs of damage. It is essential to carry out an exterior wash-down twice a year. If the property is in a beach/marine environment the wash-downs may be needed more often.

How Should I Prepare For Having My House interior painted?

Strive to remove physical items that could otherwise get in the painter’s way, such as furniture, electrical items, ornaments, window dressings (e.g. blinds and curtains) and wall hangings (like pictures and mirrors). We can remove and replace window dressings and tracks.

Your painting preparations should also include cleaning. Dirt and dust are not always easy to see at first glance, but can suddenly be conspicuous once painted over. You can effectively wipe many surfaces with a sponge soaked in a mixture of hot water and washing-up liquid.

Do I Need To Close My Business While It’s Being Painted?

This can depend on the type of business. If your company is routinely open for long hours, such as from early morning to late evening, the premises may have to be temporarily closed long enough for us to be able to paint it to our usual high standard, without inconvenient interruptions.

Conversely, if the building is usually closed for lengthy periods, e.g. mornings and weekends, you could arrange for us to paint during these hours.

What Paint Do Professional Painters Use On Commercial Projects?

At our Wellington base, we keep a wide range of commercial-grade paint at close hand. However, exactly what kind of paint we do use for a commercial project will depend on its specific needs.

For this reason, we can specify the paint you require during our consultations. We know that the best paint for restaurant walls, for example, will not necessarily also be the best paint for a commercial kitchen.

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