Whilst plastering and gib stopping might sound as though they are the same thing, they are very different procedures. This blog explores the difference between gib stopping and plastering.

What is gib stopping?

The process of gib stopping involves sealing the joins between plasterboard sheets to produce a smoother surface on your walls or ceilings. The process also involves the placement of internal and external corners, to ensure a sharp finish and provide protection for external corners. When carried out by a professional, this will guarantee a high quality finish suitable for painting. With this in mind, gib stopping is an important aspect of plasterboard installation.

What is plastering?

Different from gib stopping, plastering involves the application of multiple layers of plaster onto walls or ceilings, to fill holes and cracks and even out the surface. The aim of plastering is to ensure a pristine finish. Plastering can be a time-consuming process, as it requires 2 x plaster skimming of a bedding coat and 1 x plaster skimming of a finishing coat. As an alternative to plaster skimming, if the surface of the walls is in generally good condition, small plaster repairs can be carried out.

Who should carry out plastering?

It is highly recommended that gib stopping and plastering processes are carried out by professionals because if done incorrectly it can be difficult to fix. Professionals will be able to follow all of the necessary steps and ensure a top quality job.

If you want to get great results, the entire plastering or gib stopping process needs to be faultless from beginning to finish. This is why it is vital to hire a professional right from the beginning.

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