Do various rooms of your home need painting? While we can provide you with a house painter in Wellington,the choice of paint colour is up to you! Here are several tactics that could help you to choose colours which work for you.

Decide on the Room’s Furniture First

Of course, you might already have your furniture all in position —  it can be much easier to repaint a room than swap out its contents for new pieces. So, you could figure out which paint colours would go with furniture pieces you already love, rather than choosing the paint colour first.

Look Far and Wide for Inspiration

The ‘far’ could be the outside world; just imagine how much more relaxing a room could feel when painted in the same green that you enjoy in nature or the same blue that you find calming in the ocean.

As for the ‘wide’, that could be… the World Wide Web (yes, we can already hear you groaning at the pun). However, looking online including on social media can be a valuable source of inspiration, and it can be helpful to see how others have created a space.

Aim to Evoke a Specific Mood

You may like to have the intention of evoking a specific mood, depending on the room you are painting. We have already mentioned the soothing effect of blues and greens — and, indeed, these paint colours often work well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Other rooms, though, are more geared towards facilitating social interactions; think the likes of living rooms and kitchens. Such spaces can benefit from warm, energising hues like orange and yellow.

Weigh Up Whether to Go Darker or Lighter

Depending on the space, you may like to choose lighter or darker colours.Though light colours can make a room feel larger, this very much depends on how the space is illuminated. No matter how much white is painted in a room, the space will not necessarily feel more spacious if it lacks windows and so gets little natural light.

A white-painted room bathed in electric light can come across as overly clinical, like a dentist’s waiting room. This is one situation where a dark colour could bring a more cosy feel.

If you still can’t quite decide which paint shade would be ‘just right’ for your home, you might want to directly ask a professional for further advice, we can also arrange free colour consultations for you. Give us a call on 0800 DECOR8, to talk to an expert house painter in the Wellington area.

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