Should I Strip Wallpaper? Or Can I Just Paint Over It?

paint stripping

Looking to give your walls a fresh new look? Perhaps you’re thinking about incorporating new colors, or you’re tired of your current wallpaper, rest assured that Paradise Painting Services is here to help. If you’re contemplating whether to remove the existing wallpaper or paint stripping over it, you’re in the right place. In this blog, […]

Gib Stopping vs. Plastering: Understanding the Differences

Whilst plastering and gib stopping might sound as though they are the same thing, they are very different procedures. This blog explores the difference between gib stopping and plastering. What is gib stopping? The process of gib stopping involves sealing the joins between plasterboard sheets to produce a smoother surface on your walls or ceilings. […]

Ultimate Guide to Exterior House Paint Stripping

Worker Sealing Unpasted Wallpaper

Paint stripper is a chemical product with the purpose of removing paint, finishes, and coatings, while also cleaning the surface underneath. With this in mind, paint stripping is the method of using chemicals without heat to remove paint from a surface without damaging the substrate underneath. The chemicals in the strippers tend to make the […]

Top Interior Paint Colour Trends of 2023

Worker Sealing Unpasted Wallpaper

When it comes to painting the interior of your property, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, picking the right paint colours is key to enhancing the look and feel of your space. Interior paint colour trends are forever evolving, but this year there are some exciting trends on the market […]

How can we make sustainable choices with painting and decorating?

There are many things that we can all do to help look after the environment, including making sustainable choices when it comes to painting and decorating. Here at Paradise Painting, sustainability is a key consideration. Our preference is to use Dulux paints, because they are durable, high quality, and have a great spread rate. This […]

Borer Borer Borer

Your home is usually one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Watching as that investment succumbs to the attacks of wood-boring insects can be heartbreaking and, worse, dangerous.  In New Zealand alone, homes can fall prey to as many as seven different species of wood-boring insects. These pests attack the important […]

Lead Paint

Lead White was being produced during the 4th century BC; the process is described by Pliny the Elder the Roman philosopher.The traditional method of making the pigment was called the stack process. Thousands of earthenware pots containing vinegar and lead were embedded in a layer of either tan bark or cow dung. The pots were […]

Colour Psychology

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It is fascinating to consider such an array of stimulation, when relating to decorating the interior of your home or workplace. Studies as far back as the 1930s show that people associate colours with specific feelings. Colours can even change the way drugs work – the colour blue makes for better sedatives, while red makes […]

Spring Forward

Interior House Painters

The concept of Spring cleaning has existed through many cultures since ancient times, and Kiwis are no different. The ravages of Winter certainly take their toll on all our properties and gardens, and as we start to head towards Spring, it is a great time to get pro-active. The high winds of Wellington will be […]

Sheen Levels

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The variety of sheen levels for paint offer results to suit not only different tastes, but also to perform different tasks. GLOSS  Sheen level 85-100% Gloss paints have a very reflective surface. They are ideal for areas that are prone to high traffic that attract dirt, finger-marks, and grease, as they are easy to clean. […]

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