Borer Borer Borer

How to Stop Borer Eating Your Home Protect your largest investment. There are up to 7 species of wood-boring insect in New Zealand that might attack the timbers of your home or other buildings. The most common of these is the Common House Borer (Anobiumpunctatum) also known as Woodworm in other parts of the world. […]

Lead Paint

Lead White was being produced during the 4th century BC; the process is described by Pliny the Elder the Roman philosopher.The traditional method of making the pigment was called the stack process. Thousands of earthenware pots containing vinegar and lead were embedded in a layer of either tan bark or cow dung. The pots were […]

Colour Psychology

It is fascinating to consider such an array of stimulation, when relating to decorating the interior of your home or workplace. Studies as far back as the 1930s show that people associate colours with specific feelings. Colours can even change the way drugs work – the colour blue makes for better sedatives, while red makes […]

Spring Forward

The concept of Spring cleaning has existed through many cultures since ancient times, and Kiwis are no different. The ravages of Winter certainly take their toll on all our properties and gardens, and as we start to head towards Spring, it is a great time to get pro-active. The high winds of Wellington will be […]

Sheen Levels

The variety of sheen levels for paint offer results to suit not only different tastes, but also to perform different tasks. GLOSS  Sheen level 85-100% Gloss paints have a very reflective surface. They are ideal for areas that are prone to high traffic that attract dirt, finger-marks, and grease, as they are easy to clean. […]